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Bulk SMS Services for Promotional & Transactional SMS

Analytix Mantra Offers Transaction & Promotional bulk SMS services. Delivering Premium Bulk SMS Services, Alerts, OTP, fanatic customer support & more.

Who We Are

Analytix Mantra, one of the pioneers of data-driven marketing, empowers your business to identify and target the right prospects, at the right time, through a meticulous approach embracing the science of data analytics. We are a team of handpicked data analysts, market researchers, and campaign managers, bringing with them vast experience and proven expertise in their respective domains.

What We Do

Analytix Mantra specializes in creating targeted SMS and Email Marketing campaigns for diverse businesses, delivering cost-effective solutions to turbocharge customer acquisition. We are an industry expert in third-party data analytics and blend our deep expertise in first-party data identification with our rich third-party data assets to ensure finely tuned audience identification and targeting.

Email Marketing

In the “smart” era, having multi-channel touch points to reach consumers with targeted messaging, at the right time, is critical for your business. We help you boost cross-channel engagement through email marketing, leveraging the largest repository of email addresses in the industry. Our email database is a permission-based national file listing more than 200 million unique email addresses.

SMS Marketing

Realize the true potential of SMS marketing with Analytix Mantra’s custom campaigns and deliver targeted communications structured upon analytics-based segmentation. Deploying a rapidly growing database of more than 1 billion mobile numbers, we enable your business to connect with both residential and business customers in the minimum possible investment of resources.

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We collect your data to identify the demographics, behavioral traits and the other attributes of your target customers.


Blend the first-party data collected with an exhaustive database of third-party data to create a master pool of prospects.


Fuse first- and third-party data, covering all available variables such as demographics, education, financial info, etc.


Analyze and find out all the attributes, those are vital to guide the prospect through to the end of the conversion funnel.


Take out all the look-alike customers from the database to create customized contact lists for different campaigns.


Run targeted SMS and email marketing campaigns for your products or services, based on the outcome of the last step.

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Our Solomon’s Key
The team of Analytix Mantra, over a period of 15+ years, has developed an in-house Data Management Platform (DMP), completely dedicated for Indian markets. The DMP is a centralized platform that aggregates first- and third-party audience data from cross-channel marketing efforts to create a consolidated depository of high quality prospects for analysis and segmentation.


First-party data

First-party data is customer information generated through your website, mobile app, or social pages. The information collected includes names, email addresses, physical addresses, contact numbers, demographic information, and behavioral information, such as interactions, buying history, interests, etc. We store first-party data in a CRM or web analytics system, and you are the exclusive owner of the database with the right to obtain the information for free.

Third-party data

Third-party data, used to define consumer segments and create acutely targeted ads, is any information generated from Internet interactions and third-party websites. This information is used to round out first-party data, giving deeper insights about target audiences, such as individual demographics (income level, marital status) and household attributes (number of children). Third-party data must be purchased, as it is collected and licensed by third-party providers.

Cross-channel marketing

Cross-channel marketing, also called “multi-channel” or “cross-device” marketing, implies promoting your products or services using multiple channels, which may include website, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, mobile app marketing, and offline touch points (direct mail, retail store, TV, radio). Cross-channel marketing exposes an audience to a business in different mediums, thereby providing multiple avenues of conversion.

Email Marketing

Enhance customer engagement with mobile-ready, social media integrated email campaigns, delivered timely into the inboxes of targeted customers. Here is an overview of our email marketing services:

Segment Contacts for Smarter Targeting

Send email campaigns only to relevant target audience by segmenting contacts based on available information and historical response behavior.

  • Segment contacts data based on different attributes
  • Achieve higher click and open rates
  • Segment further by historical response behavior
  • Lower unsubscribe and complaints
View & Analyse Reports

Track the performance of email marketing campaigns with detailed and graphical reports and analytics

  • Opens, clicks & bounces with detailed reports
  • Track the visitors, conversions and revenue generated of your campaigns
  • Reports by ISPs and time period
  • Social media reports
Creative Design & HTML Services

No need to run around trying to give a face to your communications. Get your campaigns designed and HTMLized by a team of widely experienced creative designers, by sharing the brief to achieve the desired objectives.

  • Campaigns designed by following the rules of usability
  • Designs converted to HTMLs in compliance with W3C standards and best practices of email marketing
  • A/B testing to determine the performance of mailers
Create, Split Test & Preview Campaigns

Ensure your campaign appears as it is designed to appear across all email clients, browsers and devices, and predict the expected open and click rates with A/B testing.

  • Send mobile-ready campaigns
  • Split A/B test on subject line, date & time, sender ID and content
  • Re-target those who have viewed/not viewed your campaigns
  • Integrate with social media
  • Preview campaign in Inbox
Grow & Manage Contacts

Permission based marketing (double opt-in) is the key to achieve higher engagement rates in email marketing, especially with MSPs such as Google, Yahoo and others, making it tough to reach subscribers inboxes. We help you to:

  • Grow your contact database
  • Access contacts through a web analytics system
  • Retarget contacts based on past behavior
24/7 Live Support

Get instant support for all your questions and concerns addressed. Committed to be your trusted partner, we are reachable via all electronic channels including:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live Chat
Send & Deliver Campaigns into Inbox

Send and schedule campaigns, and get your messages delivered into the inboxes of prospective customers with the state-of-the-art email delivery infrastructure and ISP compliant policies

  • Supports Email Authentication (SPF, DKIM & DMARC)
  • Pool of IP used in rotation to avoid IP blacklisting
  • Established ISP Relationships
Get Dedicated Expert Consultation

Get campaigns analysed by a team of email marketing experts who can suggest ideas and ways to improve the performance of the campaigns and keep you updated with the best practices and latest trends in email marketing.

  • Personalized assistance by a dedicated support expert
  • Campaign analysis to determine performance
  • Suggestions to improve ROI

Premium Bulk SMS Marketing Services

Bulk SMS Marketing is the most cost-effective way to drive new sales and warm leads. We provide a range of customized SMS marketing solutions that enable entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profits, and not-for-profit organizations to communicate with existing and potential clients.

Promotional Bulk SMS Services

Create awareness about your brand, product or any offer in a second with a single click by sending bulk SMS to targeted customers. Our bulk SMS service also offers you promotional bulk SMS that can be used for brand promotion, product marketing, and general awareness. We can also provide bulk SMS gateway API for your application or portal.

Promotional Features
  • Promotional SMS on NON-DND Numbers
  • DND Numbers list can be extracted and will not be charged
  • Instant Delivery and Report
  • Guaranteed Delivery or Money Back
Short Code Solutions

Short Codes Services are short cellular telephone numbers. Short numbers or Short Codes are easier to read and remember. We are one of the leading Short Code Service Providers in India. Wish to increase leads for your services and products by getting the sender’s mobile numbers? Select a keyword appropriate for your company and prospective customers and send enquiries by send message PRODUCT to 54545 or 56767.

Transactional Bulk SMS

Transactional bulk SMS services are ideal for sending alerts, reminders and updates to your existing customers. We make it a breeze to send bulk SMS throughout the globe with a user-friendly web interface. Any kind of information sharing SMS, however, comes under transactional SMS. Government has declared certain categorize to send Transactional bulk SMS. Therefore, if the customer is a business, we require the details of how their customers are subscribing or getting registered, and a sample of the subscription form.

Missed Call Alert

Make it easier for your prospects to confirm their interest, and guide them to conversions. Use a universal missed call number to confirm orders, subscriptions or use the feature to generate leads, the choice is yours. A simple missed call to the special number, and the caller’s phone number is forwarded to your email, mobile (via SMS), and API (to your SAP/Web/ERP Applications) for further processing.

Long Code Solutions

Long Code Services, also known as a dedicated phone number or long number, is the reception mechanism used by businesses to receive voice calls and SMS Messages. Low cost and International accessibility make long code an ideal solution for long-term campaigns. We provide holistic long code solutions aligned with the prerequisites of your business and marketing goals.

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Analytix mantra is a data driven marketing organization, we use scientific approach for our clients to increase their ROI.

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